‘Logan’ Film Review

(PCM) There are two words that come immediately to mind when trying to sum up the 20th Century Fox/Marvel film “Logan” and they are gruesome and heart-wrenching, and of course we can throw some bloody and disgusting in there for good measure. The film certainly earned it’s “R” rating from the MPAA, however we are absolutely loving the grittier and edgier side to the Marvel film universe. It is like a breath of fresh air with it’s rawness and nothing felt at all forced. The edge was delivered ten-fold with “Logan”.

The film’s premise is as follows: It’s 2029. Mutants are gone—or very nearly so. An isolated, despondent Logan (Hugh Jackman) is drinking his days away in a hideout on a remote stretch of the Mexican border, picking up petty cash as a driver for hire. His companions in exile are the outcast Caliban (Stephen Merchant) and an ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart), whose singular mind is plagued by worsening seizures. But Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and his legacy abruptly end when a mysterious woman appears with an urgent request—that Logan shepherd an extraordinary young girl (Dafne Keen) to safety. Soon, the claws come out as Logan must face off against dark forces and a villain from his own past on a live-or-die mission, one that will set the time-worn warrior on a path toward fulfilling his destiny.

“Logan” stars Hugh Jackman in the title role, alongside Patrick Stewart (X-Men: Days of Future Past), Stephen Merchant, Richard E. Grant and newcomer Dafne Keen. The film is directed by James Mangold (Walk the Line, The Wolverine); produced by Hutch Parker, Simon Kinberg and Lauren Shuler Donner; and distributed by 20th Century Fox.

“Logan” has definitely been our favorite film in the X-Men film franchise thus far and Jackman’s performance was nothing short of brilliant. The standalone film marks Jackman’s last time portraying the iconic character of Wolverine on the big screen and he certainly went out with a bang. When speaking about the role Jackman says, “We wanted something that would feel very different, very fresh and ultimately something very human because it seems to me that the strength of X-Men and the strength of Wolverine is more his humanity than his superpower. In exploring this character for the last time, I wanted to get to the heart of who that human was, more than what his claws can do.”

We also can’t give enough praise to work of young actress Dafne Keen in this film. She was absolutely incredible and “Logan” marks her feature film debut. It is hard to imagine the range of emotions she must have had to go through while on-set and her performance shines throughout the entire film. You can listen to our full review of “Logan” here!

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