The Genius Marketing Of Stranger Things







(PCM) If you are a fan of Stranger Things you may be aware production for season 2 has begun. And if you’re not a fan you don’t know what you’re missing. The series has brought the nostalgia of the 80s into the present. Everything about the show is almost a tribute to the past and what we all loved about that time. That might be just one of the many reasons the show has been a hit with audiences.

I had the opportunity to attend New York Comic Con and it was an amazing experience. I               had only one thing in mind when I tried to scatter through the crowd of various costumes and the thing on my mind was Stranger Things merchandise. But to my dismay there wasn’t anything at all to pick from. I saw one shirt that had all the boy’s names on it, but I was looking for something more with the Stranger Things font on the front. In part I wanted to wear a shirt that told people what I watched, and hoped they would want to check it out for themselves.

I left the floor of the Javits Convention Center a little annoyed that I couldn’t find any merch. It was on the escalator going back upstairs that all was forgiven. I was on my way back up when I saw it out of the corner of my eye. Someone had put a picture of Barb on a pillar with the word MISSING above her face. The picture made me smile. As I walked around I realized that more pictures were taped up. From what I have read on the net it was confirmed that a fan of the show was the one that put the pictures up. I want to shake that person’s hand.

You can ask anyone that runs a business, and they will tell you that the greatest marketing tool is word of mouth. Stranger Things was a big hit of for Netflix. And as far as I know Netflix doesn’t do much advertising, and so that goes to show just how important word of mouth can be.

There has been huge casting news since production for season 2 began a few days ago. It was announced that Sean Astin of Goonies fame will be joining the cast. The shoe pays homage to 80s movies such as The Goonies and ET. Also, joining the cast will be Paul Reiser who played Carter Burke in the 1986 Alien sequel Aliens, and went on to star in the sitcom Mad About You. And finally, Linnea Berthelsen who will play a damaged young woman that is connected to the supernatural happenings at the lab.

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