One Sons Of Anarchy Star Will Definitely Return For Spin-off Series ‘Mayans MC’


(PCM) We have been spoon-fed very little information in regards to the upcoming “Sons Of Anarchy” spin-off series “Mayans MC”, however at least one star of the series has confirmed their involvement with the new show. Actor Emilio Rivera, who played Alvarez on “Sons Of Anarchy”, has teased his participation in new series with a new Instagram post which reads “#Rollout Mayan Monday gonna be a Crazy Ride, with @sutterink @elginnjames and the #MayansMc , #marcusalvarez #kurtsutter #elginjames #emiliorivera ,Follow @mayansmc_onfx”

Prior to this revelation there have only been a few cryptic tweets and mentions flying around social media, but that is usually the way that Kurt Sutter operates, so we shouldn’t really be surprised. Rivera played the president of the Mayans on “Sons Of Anarchy”, so it was always assumed when the spin-off was first announced, that he would be involved one way or another. Rivera did not comment on just what type of role he will be playing in “Mayan MC” as that will most certainly depend on the time frame in which the new series will be taking place.

If it ends up to be a prequel to “Sons Of Anarchy” and will feature SOA protagonist Jax Teller as a child, then perhaps Rivera would be too old to reprise his role as Mayan club president. This leads us to believe that the spin-off series may be actually taking place closer to the time frame in which the events in “Sons Of Anarchy” unfolded. Either way we absolutely can’t wait to see what Sutter has up his sleeve for the new series and are excited to have our boys on bikes back on FX with “Mayans MC”!

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