Game Of Thrones Set Photos Leak And Reveal Something Fans Have Been Awaiting For A Long Time!


(PCM) Some incredibly blurry set photos from the HBO series “Game Of Thrones” have leaked and they reveal a meeting that fans have been clamoring for since season one of the epic drama. While these photos are certainly unofficial, they appear to show a meeting at last between our beloved Jon Snow and the Mother of Dragon’s herself, Daenerys Targaryen.

Oh, please be still our little fan heart! The set photos were snapped from one of the show’s filming locations in Spain and confirm that both Jon Snow and Daenerys were filming a scene together. We can only fantasize just what is going on in this scene, but we will just have to keep patient until the show returns next year to find out.

We have already had several clues revealed in regards to Jon Snow’s lineage when we learned that his parents just so happen to be Ned Stark’s sister Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. This would make Jon Snow a tried and true Targaryen and would also mean that Daenerys is also his aunt. “Game Of Thrones” has never shied away from an incestuous story-line, so could we possibly see a little romance between Jon Snow and Daenerys? Who know, but we certainly wouldn’t rule it out of the realm of possibility. The sad part is that we are actually rooting for it …kind of disturbing, huh?

It is truly amazing to finally catch a glimpse of these two iconic characters together at last, now can we just get some dragon babies already!!

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