Gaining Insight From The Walking Dead Panel At New York Comic Con! Did We Get Any Answers?


(PCM) Of course very little information could be revealed during the hour long panel for AMC’s hit series “The Walking Dead” as we gear up for the highly anticipated season seven mid-season premiere. We did, however, see that emotions were running high among the cast members as they all agree that the upcoming premiere will be one of the series most intense and heartbreaking yet. It also happens to mark another milestone for the series, as the season seven premiere will be episode 100!

One of our beloved characters will meet their fate at the hands of Negan and his barbed-wire bat Lucille and despite all of our in-depth analyzing  we still can not say with certainly just who we think will meet their bloody end. Many are predicting that it will be Glenn if the show chooses to follow the comic book series, while others are saying that it is either Abraham or Eugene … or perhaps even God forbid … Daryl! The anticipation is killing us, but we are just going to have to wait and see!


The show’s New York Comic Con panel was moderated by Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick and took place on the stage a New York’s famed Madison Square Garden. We were amazed to sit back and take in the atmosphere, as fans, many who waited in line for hours, absolutely lose their minds as the cast was introduced to the stage. Sadly, Andrew Lincoln was absent from the panel due to a scheduling conflict, however he did send over a hilarious letter of apology explaining his absence which was read to the crowd by Norman Reedus.

Obviously, the prank war is still going on strong between both Reedus and Lincoln, as Reedus shared with the crowd the story about Lincoln’s payback for the glitter bomb prank. Lincoln took Reedus’s motorcycle and sent it out to the middle of the lake with a blow-up sex doll posed on top. What are we going to do with those two…geesh!

During the panel producer Scott Gimple praised the performances from the cast saying “The performances this year were astounding” and producer Robert Kirkman claims that he is having great fun keeping the season opener cliffhanger a secret. Actress Lauren Cohan who plays Maggie on the show was actually brought to tears when asked a question by moderator Chris Hardwick regarding the journey and hardships her character has been through, throughout the series. She graciously thanked the fans for their unwavering love and support and humbly said “we would not be here if not for you guys, I love you”.

We are aware that Morgan is not part of Negan line-up, so of course we are going to see more of his journey in the upcoming season. Hardwick asked actor Lennie James about the transition to which he replied “For those people who are begging for Morgan to go back to being a killer … be careful what you wish for”.  Actor Michael Cudlitz shared some heartwarming details about Abraham’s relationship with Sasha and actress Danai Gurira who plays Michonne revealed that the Governor is “small potatoes” compared to a ruthless character such as Negan.

At the end of the panel we were treated to an early sneak peek for the upcoming premiere which will air on AMC on Sunday, October 23 at 9:00pm ET/PT. The clip left us even more on the edge of our seats than before and leads to even more speculation and mixed emotion.  The internet is a abuzz after watching the clip nearly 5 million times. Many are looking at the direction of the blood flow on Rick’s cheek to determine which character lost their life and some speculate that when Rick is dragged into Negan’s trailer after threatening his life, this could be where we see Rick lose his hand, as he did in the comic book series.  Also there are additional clues in the clip such as Daryl’s blanket laying on the ground in front of the blood splatter and upon extremely close inspection of the blood/guts on the ground a piece of jewelry which may or may not be Maggie’s engagement ring from Glenn can be spotted, although additional rumors swirl that it was Abraham’s ring and he was going to propose to Sasha.  So many questions!!! Check it out below:

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