A New Level of Magic: Cast and Crew of Syfy’s “The Magicians” Talks Season Two


(PCM) — Good news magic fans, the second season of The Magicians premieres January 2017. During NYCC cast and crew sat down with press to discuss the upcoming season and to give some insight in what fans can look forward to.

Season 2 picks up seconds after the first ends and doesn’t slow down from there. With the first focusing on the discovery that magic is real and how it fits into our world, the Brakebills students will dive even further into the magic imbued world of Fillory and develop as characters and adults. To quote show writer Sera Gamble, “We f***ed them, now how do we unf*** them.”


Cast and crew of The Magicians at New York Comic Con 2016

Eliot must contend with committing himself to the “very adult responsibility” of being High King with Margo continuing to follow her instincts while navigating this new world. Alice and Quentin are struggling with the dismantling of their relationship after Quentin’s infidelity. A painful revelation from Julia’s past drove her to make a deal with The Beast and the consequences of her actions serves as one of the main driving forces of the second season. Kady is on more of an emotional journey as she moves through the dark place that she was left in with the help of Julia. Penny is on a quest to learn how to perform magic without the use of his hands, and finds an unlikely ally in Dean Fogg.

Olivia Taylor Dudley, who plays Alice, had this to say on the new season, “On the first season we see them beginning to figure out what magic is and relationships with each other, and by the end they are all in such a dark place and it only gets darker in season two. It’s all the same stuff, just on a new level.”

The writers took many liberties with the books, rearranging and changing things to fit the hour-long format and add tension/drama, but the cast and crew assure fans that all the “greatest hits” of the books will be included. It’s clear that everyone is excited about the extravagant costumes and sets that go along with Fillory, citing an “80s glam rock vibe” to the looks of Fillory and everyone confirming that the throne room is something to behold. The world is more textured and vibrant, and details will be more apparent on larger screens than on the glow of a smart phone.

Can’t wait for January? Check out the new trailer below and watch past episodes on Syfy and Syfy.com

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