Ash Vs. Evil Dead Receives Season Three Renewal! Star Bruce Campbell Chats With Us At New York Comic Con!


(PCM) Starz has revealed that we will be getting even more of our beloved Ash with the announcement that Ash vs. Evil Dead has been given the greenlight for a season three renewal. While no official release date for the 10-episode third season has been revealed, it is strongly rumored that it will air next fall.

The news about the season three renewal comes just a few days after season two of the cult-hit series made it’s premiere on Starz and after the appearance made by the cast and crew at New York Comic Con. Actor Bruce Campbell, who plays Ash Williams in the series and the original Evil Dead films, was joined by his co-stars Lucy Lawless, Dana DeLorenzo, Ray Santiago, Ted Raimi and Lee Majors for a panel that took place at New York’s famed Hammerstein Ballroom.

In season two of the series we find Ash leaving Jacksonville to return to his hometown of Elk Grove where he confronts Ruby, delightfully played by actress Lucy Lawless, and they must find a way to work together to battle the evil that has taken over the area.

We caught up with the legendary Bruce Campbell to chat about the new season, the generation appeal of the series, exploring the various sides of Ash

When asked about how excited he was to be back for season two, Campbell replied “You need it and you want it. That’s the idea and the goal, so we are really gratified. Starz has been a really good partner. We’ve all had a lot of crappy partners over the years and Starz is not one of them.”

Campbell also went on to discuss introducing Evil Dead to a new generation commenting “We are also re-introducing it to the old generation. We are servicing the old clients and bringing in some new clients as well. ” When delving into some more details about season two, Campbell revealed, “Season two is more ambitious. It’s partially human nature to say let’s give them something bigger and better, so it’s more action. Season two, holy f**king sh*t, it’s more action. It wore us all out! I started drinking coffee this year. I haven’t had a cup of coffee in 30 years and last two weeks of shooting, I’m like, give me a goddamn cup of coffee! I had the coffee and I’m like give me another one! It’s a very ambitious season and we have some new directors, some new writers and we’re excited. I feel, and this is just the same old horsesh*t, it’s a better season than season one. We already got the job, we know what we’re doing, we know the other actors, we know the directors, we know the lay of the land, so it’s more comfortable.”

We asked Campbell how he felt about continuing to explore the many sides of Ash to which he replied “I’m really excited. That’s what TV is best at! You can crack that character open and stare into his brain for years and we hope to do that. That’d be fun! Someone asked me if I’m tired of playing Ash and I’m like ‘Hell no! We’re just starting!’ This story is just beginning. And don’t forget there is a Joseph Campbell aspect to this story, as he is foretold in an ancient book. It’s not some random bullsh*t that this loser guy from Michigan has to save the world. There is something to all this. The trick is, what is it?  What is Ash’s real story? What is his real power? Who is he really? Maybe he’s not even the guy that we think he is.”

You can listen to the full New York Comic Con interview below:


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