The Success Of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’


(PCM) If you are anything like us than you have probably already binged the entire season of the new Netflix series “Stranger Things” and are on the edge of your seat waiting for some kind of announcement in regards to season two. We have so many questions at the end of season one that we almost don’t even know where to begin!

Many are actually baffled by the success of “Stranger Things”, as it has soared in popularity, almost to a level that the streaming network did not expect. In fact, sources claim that “Stranger Things” is more popular than both “Daredevil” and “Making A Murderer”, two of Netflix’s heaviest hitting series.  About 8.2 million people streamed “Stranger Things” with the first 16 days of its’ release and that number is higher than “Jessica Jones”, “House Of Cards” and “Narcos” as well!

And to think that, according to “Stranger Things” co-creator Matt Duffer, the series almost failed to exist. The series was initially rejected by about 15 to 20 networks before it was eventually given a green light by Netflix. We are thrilled that Netflix exists just for this very reason as they are well known for taking risks on several different series which would have been otherwise rejected by traditional television networks.

Despite the fact that season two for “Stranger Things” has not had an official confirmation from Netflix, the comments made by cast and producers during recent events have all most set it in stone.  The series plays with nostalgia in the most wonderful way and all of their references to 80’s pop culture and trends of the era are absolutely spot-on.  We think that is one of the major reasons it has been such a hit with audiences, especially those of us that fall into the 25-55 age demographic. The series is like taking a trip down memory lane for us!

Season one of “Stranger Things” followed the mysterious disappearance of a local boy that unearthed some terrifying secrets about a local top-secret laboratory and a mother’s passion to see her son return home safely. By the end of season one we were left with many unanswered questions that we hope will become resolved if, indeed, “Stranger Things” gets picked up for season two. Some of our top questions for season two can be found below:

**Spoiler Alert**  Questions below contain details to some major plot points of “Stranger Things” season one

  1. What in the world happened to Eleven?  Remember the Snow Ball promise?  Is she alive? (Side note: Will Eleven ever get to taste toasted Eggo Waffles?)
  2. How did Hopper and Joyce make it out of the Upside Down with Will?
  3. Is the Demogorgon really dead?  How about Dr. Brenner?
  4. Will Steve change his hair in season two?
  5. Will Nancy give into her feelings for Jonathan? (You know they belong together)
  6. Can we please bring back Barb? (it’s possible…right?)
  7. What did the government agents tell Hopper in the car at the hospital? What kind of deal did he make with them?
  8. Are we ever going to find out about children 1-10 that may have resided in Hawkins lab?
  9. Is Will Byers going to become the new villain for season two after his slug vomiting incident? Could he have opened the door to birthing a new Demogorgon?
  10. Where were Lucas and Dustin’s parents during all of the events in season one?
  11. Does Hopper know that Eleven is alive and getting the Eggo’s or is it just hope?

We can’t wait to find out more and certainly look forward to any additional information about “Stranger Things” season two!

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