Mr. Robot Dominates San Diego Comic Con! Exclusive Interview With Actor Christian Slater!


(PCM) Talk about a show that has grown in popularity enormously within the last year, even winning a Golden Globe award for Best TV Drama!  The USA Network series Mr. Robot barely had any presence at last year’s San Diego Comic Con, however this year the show was everywhere and fans just couldn’t get enough news and information about just where this amazing series is headed.

In addition to having advertisements for the show splayed across multiple San Diego city buses, pedicabs and walls, we discovered that hidden down a side street in the Gaslamp District there was a small computer repair shop. Once you entered the computer repair shop, you were then escorted down a side passageway prior to entering an exact replica of Elliot’s apartment. It was eerily accurate and once inside you were handed a Samsung Gear VR headset to watch a super exclusive episode of Mr. Robot filmed in 360-degree video. It was amazing and proves that VR is certainly the wave of the future. We won’t give anything about the episode away, but it was a definitely an “altered” experience!

We had a chance to catch up with actor Christian Slater, who plays the elusive Mr. Robot on the series during the show’s Comic Con press room.  When speaking about the negativity that can occur from people that troll the internet, Slater comments that “Contempt prior to investigation, that annoys me.  You can’t hate something without seeing it and that is not something any of us should subscribe to. ”

We mentioned that a few weeks ago some set images popped up revealing perhaps a flashback to Mr. Robot’s family, so of course we were curious to know just what was going on in that particular scene. Slater reveals “Elliot is reminiscing and I’m really excited for you guys to get to see that stuff.  It’s difficult to talk about it because Sam [Esmail] was having a particularly creative moment there I think and it’s going to be interesting to see what you guys think of episode five.”

We jokingly asked Slater what his characters name was in his head to which he replied “That’s a really good question!  On the scripts its’ “Mr. Robot” so when I get the scripts I’m “Mr. Robot”. It’s crazy because when I got the pilot for this show I was like ‘Mr. Robot, what’s this?, Am I going to have little wires and gear boxes on me?’ but I was very grateful and relieved that it was going in a completely different direction.”

When speaking about what initially drew him to the role, Slater comments “It was certainly a world that I didn’t know a great deal about, so it was something very interesting to explore. I had more questions after reading the pilot than I had on any other thing I had done before, so to be able to sit down then after having those questions with somebody like Sam Esmail and Chad Hamilton the producer and have them answer those questions in such a fully detailed manner got me very excited.”

He went on to speak out his attraction to characters who are very anarchist and avant-gard saying “Sure, “Heathers” and “Pump The Volume” and I’ve even heard people describe this as “Pump The Volume” 2.0.” We asked if there was anything he was surprised to learn about himself as an actor while exploring the character of Mr. Robot. Slater tells us “I think so. You know, I’ve certainly been faced with a lot of interesting challenges and again the writing has just given me such an opportunity to have something to really sink my teeth into and I really hadn’t had that feeling in such a long time. The writing is so detailed and so rich and the characters are so beautifully developed it was such an usual experience for a television show and for this to be on USA Network. It’s been an interesting process to be a part of where all these wonderful filmmakers, because this was originally supposed to be a movie, Sam had written it as a movie, to get financing for independent movies has become so difficult, that I am grateful that we have all these other new platforms for all these creative people to be able to tell these fully realized stories.”

Finally we had to know how far in the script he had seen to which Slater revealed “For this season, he had them all written before we started, so we did a read through of every episode in two days, so that put us all the way in. It was a fantastic experience.”

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