AMC’s The Walking Dead Invades San Diego Comic Con! Exclusive Interviews And Season Seven Premiere Date Revealed!


(PCM) When we last left our beloved Walking Dead, Rick and his crew were in a pretty pretty perilous situation at the hands of Negan and his beloved friend, a barbed wire bat named “Lucille”.   Season six left us with a major cliffhanger as we were unsure as to which character on the show met their ultimate fate with a smash to the face from Lucille.

The wait is almost over as, AMC has revealed that season seven of The Walking Dead will premiere on October 23 at 9:00pm ET/PT. As in previous seasons, the show’s seventh season of 16 episodes will air in two parts, with the first eight episodes kicking off October 23 and the final eight returning February 2017.

The season seven trailer made its’ debut during The Walking Dead’s Hall H panel at San Diego Comic Con, you can check it out it all it’s amazing glory below:

We had a chance to catch up with the cast and producers of AMC’ The Walking Dead during their press room at San Diego Comic Con and one of our burning questions was just how hard it has been for all of them to talk about the upcoming season and keep it secret.

Robert Kirkman jokes, “It’s pretty easy to say nothing!”. Sonequa Martin-Green then adds “Even our friends and family try to figure it out. They are following on our social media accounts trying to gather clues about what we are posting with our whereabouts and trying to get us to stumble and say something”.

Scott Gimple acknowledges that the show took a big risk leaving such a massive cliffhanger at the end of season six and of course knew that many fans would be angered. He commented “You have to respect the reaction no matter what but I think it’s important not to be afraid.”

When speaking about the big death that we all know is inevitable Greg Nicotero commented that the biggest challenge was “how brutal, unexpected and senseless” it was going to be.  He felt the producers had some very big expectations to live up to and it was going “change the direction or course” for all the survivors.  It is always difficult to change up the entire landscape of a cast. Dave Alpert said it best when he commented “If a character is killed off and it doesn’t hurt or affect anybody then we are not doing our job.”

We also wondered just how hard it was for Steven Yuen, who plays Glenn to have to remain hidden for quite a long time before it was revealed that his character did not perish during the infamous dumpster scene. He commented “During the dumpster time, that was pretty much because I was literally just holed up in the apartment. I gave me a lot of time to think because when you do sign on for a show that is long running, in this day and age you’re not just signing up to be an actor in a show, but signing up for a particular lifestyle to a degree.  I rarely came out, just for a month, but it was new to me”.


Greg Nicotero revealed that  “it’s natural progression as we move through the story line to introduce a lot of these characters from the comic book and there will definitely be some surprises for sure.” He went on to say that right now it is all about Ezekiel and Shiva as a new characters  … and of course a CGI tiger.” For those that are curious as to why the show decided to use CGI for the tiger, the show runners told us it was more humane and having a real life tiger on set would be truly terrifying.

Nicotero also pointed out to us that that comics have always been a good roadmap for the direction of the show, however that does not mean that they can’t deviate from time to time. Some changes will be made in regards to Ezekiel, the Hilltop colony and their war against Negan, however we are left to wonder just how those changes will play out.

The group was very overconfident when it came to taking on Negan and his group, however as we all saw in the finale that confidence was diminished very quickly when the group discovered what kind of fate was laid out before time. Steven Yuen says “You see these characters the most scared than they’ve ever been”. Michael Cudlitz adds “It almost felt as we, as characters, were experiencing just how bad things truly were in real time, right along side the audience. Danai Gurira concludes that the groups overconfidence was “based on the fact that we’ve gotten over so much in the past and we are very agile mentally with our strategies and we all have different strengths.”

If you have ever noticed while watching an episode of the The Walking Dead, the season always seems to be spring or summer. We have very rarely if at all seen these characters dealing with any other climate elements. We posed the questions about whether or not we would ever seen winter time in the series to which Scott Gimple replied “I make no promises but I would be shocked if we didn’t. It would be special if we did.”  Robert Kirkman added “If we can CGI a tiger, than I am sure we can do something with snow”.

Obviously, Lauren Cohen who plays Maggie on the show couldn’t reveal a lot about her characters pregnancy and the final outcome (believe me, we tried) she did however speak about the idea behind dealing with pregnancy during an apocalypse situation saying “I think the lesson that I take from character progression and what we see on the show is there will be suffering and that is inevitable.” She went on to reveal that she feels Maggie needed to experience those types of situations to be where she is now and that is what has shaped her into the person she has become.


Love him or hate him, we are certainly going to be seeing a ton of Negan this coming season and actor Jeffery Dean Morgan says that he fully expects to greeted by a “sea of middle fingers” come Comic Con next year.  He did however reveal that he was “fully embraced by everyone on the set and they made him feel like one of the family from day one”.  He did comment that things get “very weird” on set when Negan is around, however everyone acts with complete professionalism.

AMC also announced that there will be two “The Walking Dead” special programming events hosted by Chris Hardwick. A “The Walking Dead Season 7 Preview Special,” which will give fans an early look at what to expect in the upcoming season, including exclusive interviews with the cast and executive producers and behind-the-scenes moments, premieres Sunday, August 14 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.  A two-hour “The Walking Dead” Recap Special”, a retrospective on the series’ acclaimed six seasons, premieres Sunday, October 16 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

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