Netflix’s Glow Is A Binge Worthy Show

(PCM) Netflix has single handily created a binge watching society,  and has struck gold yet again with the show Glow. The show debut on June 23rd to positive reviews  There are ten episodes, and a run time of 29-37 minutes. Many of Netflix’s shows are an hour long which can be a little daunting to follow, because there are so many. But Glow feels right at home or in the ring.

The show centers around  Los Angeles in 1985, Ruth Wilder, a struggling actress, receives an invitation for an audition along with 12 other women in a fledgling professional wrestling promotion called the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling(GLOW).

There is great chemistry among the cast which stars Marc Maron as Sam Sylvia and Allison Brie as Ruth Wilder “Zoya the Destroya” , Betty Gilpin as Debbie ” Liberty Belle”, Sydelle Noel as Cherry ” Junkchain”, Britney Young as Carmen ” Machu Picchu.”

Several professional wrestlers made cameos throughout the season. These include John Morrison as Salty “The Sack” Johnson, a trainer who appeared the first episode, Brodus Clayand and Carlito, who played Carmen’s wrestler brothers, Joey Ryan, as a wrestler known as ‘Mr. Monopoly’ and rival of Alex Riley who played a wrestler known as ‘Steel Horse’, Brooke Hogan as night club manager Amber Fredrickson, and Christopher Daniels and Franki Kazarian as unnamed wrestlers. Kia Stevens who plays Tamme Dawson in the show, wrestled professionally as Awesome Kong, and adds another great contribution to the show.

The show was created by the ladies behind the hit show, Orange is the New Black which is also streaming on Netflix. The writing is smart and funny, and sometimes heartwarming. Female writers on a show featuring mainly a female cast is a really good idea. The music on the show which is all from the 80’s will add that nostalgic elbow drop to the viewers soul.

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