Warner Bros. Will Showcase ‘Suicide Squad’ At San Diego Comic Con


(PCM) Exciting news for fans who are anxiously awaiting the release of the upcoming Warner Bros. film “Suicide Squad”. The studio has announced that they will be showcasing the upcoming superhero film at San Diego Comic Con.

Warner Bros. plans to turn San Diego’s Hard Rock Hotel into the Belle Reve penitentiary and build Harley Quinn’s tattoo parlor. “Suicide Squad” cast members will also attend the convention, which runs July 21-24.

The studio claims they will utilize every inch of the Hard Rock Hotel’s 6,000 square foot space that will also include a virtual reality experience that will allow convention attendees the chance to fight side by side with the Suicide Squad in selected scenes from the film. There will also be a photo opp for fans to take pictures from inside of one of Belle Reve’s cells as well!

Belle Reve will be open to Comic-Con attendees from 10am to 7pm and the stars of the film will be present during WB’s Hall H Presentation before moving on to film an episode of Conan that will air on Saturday, July 23.

Sounds like an amazing experience!  We are excited …. how about you?


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