The Beast To Return To The Octagon This Summer


(PCM) News broke over the weekend during UFC 199 in California, that WWE has granted Brock Lesnar what is being called a “ one off deal that allows Lesnar to return to the octagon to fight. The fight will occur at UFC 200 on July 9 in Las Vegas. Lesnar’s opponent has been revealed to be Mark Hunt, a 42 year-old fighter with a 12-10 record.

Having Lesnar on the card will undoubtedly make UFC a lot of money. Brock is one of the top draws in WWE and makes a lot of money for and off the company. Although, he wrestles for WWE on a part time basis (one of the only superstars besides the Undertaker that has such a schedule) Lesnar draws a large numbers of fans to the events he appears at, and has brought a large number of subscribers to WWE’S online Network. Lesnar has always been vocal about wanting to return to the octagon even though he signed an exclusive deal with WWE last year.

The question everyone is asking is what does WWE get out of this deal? Fans have been speculating that the Lesnar appearance will allow WWE to use Rhonda Rousey in some sort of way in future WWE programming.

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