Another Superstar Requests Their Release From WWE


(PCM) Like a revolving door another wrestler has requested their release from World Wrestling Entertainment. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to the many fans who have followed Cody Rhodes throughout his ten-year career with the company. Rhodes always delivered whatever gimmicky character the company threw his way, but the company never seemed to be behind him.

Cody Rhodes is the son of the great American Dream Dusty Rhodes, and the brother of WWE veteran GoldDust. Rhodes has been through a lot in the last year. He recently lost his father in June. He has been trying to push creative to drop all the gimmicky characters like the Stardust character he has been portraying and let him be just himself, but the powers at be would not allow that to happen.

On May 21st Cody Rhodes asked for his release from the company. WWE granted his release the following day, and wished him well in all his future endeavors. Fans have come to know those words “future endeavors” well after reading about all the recent releases WWE has gone through in the last few weeks. There seems to be a lot of disconnect and unhappiness backstage in WWE these days. But it is sad that the Rhodes family has worked for the WWE for a very longtime, and they couldn’t give someone like Cody Rhodes who has put over many a talent over the years, a chance to show what his true character by being himself.

Rhodes wrote a very interesting statement about his release, and it pretty much sums up all his feelings toward the company. You can see his statement below:

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