Wrestlemania 32 Results Breakdown


(PCM)  WWE presented the show of all shows for the highly anticipated WrestleMania 32. Fans have been looking forward to this show for months. Many people who don’t even keep up with the current WWE product, tune in to watch WrestleMania, because well it’s WrestleMania of course. Last night’s show was the longest show’s I have seen WWE put on in quite awhile, it began around 5pm and didn’t end until midnight. The show was long but good. The broadcast was live from the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. WrestleMania 32 broke an all- time attendance record for a WWE event. There were 101,763 fans live in attendance to watch the show.

Kalisto Vs Ryback for the WWE US TITLE: Ryback has been playing the role of the bully the past couple weeks. Kalisto and Ryback go back and forth. The ending came when Kalisto counters with a big DDT and goes on for a close 2 count. Kalisto with kicks while Ryback is on his knees. Ryback misses a clothesline and takes a corkscrew for a 2 count. Kalisto with more kicks. Ryback powers up and slams Kalisto with a spinebuster. A turnbuckle gets exposed as Kalisto hangs onto it as Ryback drags him out of the corner. Kalisto ends up hitting Salida del Sol into the exposed turnbuckle for the pin

Lana, Naomi, Tamina Snuka, Emma and Summer Rae vs. Eva Marie, Brie Bella, Alicia Fox, Paige and Natalya: The divas battle back and forth. A lot of back and forth action. Every diva getting their chance to shine. In the end the team of The Total Divas wins. After the match former Woman’s Champion Lita stands in the ring and debuts a new Woman’s Championship Belt which looks a lot better than the Diva’s belt.

The Usos Vs The Dudley Boyz.: Quick match back and forth. The end came when The Dudleyz turn around and hit the “what’s up” headbutt. Bubba actually calls for the tables and fans pop. The Usos drop them with superkicks. The Dudleyz take back control. They wait for a 3D but The Usos take them out with more superkicks and cover D-Von for the pin. The Usos win the match. After the match the Dudley’s attack the Usos knocking them down. The Dudley Boyz then get what they have been swearing off for the past weeks, and get the tables. They set up the tables un the middle of the ring. Before the Dudley’s can take advantage The Usos come back and lay the Dudley’s out and the put them on the tables. The Usos drive the Dudley’s through the tables with Superfly splashes. The Usos celebrate and then we go to the official opening of WrestleMania 32.

Lillian Garcia introduces pop group Fifth Harmony and they sing America the Beautiful.

Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Title: Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz vs. Sami Zayn vs. Stardust vs. Sin Cara vs. Zack Ryder vs. Kevin Owens: As the bell rings everyone scrambles for a ladder around the ring. A lot of great spots in this match. Sami Zayn hits a move on Kevin Owens on the ladder that is worth watching over and over again. The winner and new IC Champion is Zack Ryder. Ryder deserves this belt and moment. WHOO WHOO WHOO.

Chis Jericho Vs AJ Styles: Decent match. They looked winded the finish came when They get up and trade shots in the middle of the ring. Styles drops Jericho. Styles charges with a running forearm but runs into boots. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but Styles gets his knees up. Styles goes to the apron and springboards in with a 450 for a close 2 count. AJ keeps control and goes back to the apron. He gets the crowd riled up and on their feet. Jericho gets up and Styles springboards in with the forearm but Jericho catches him in a Codebreaker for the win.
The New Day Vs The League of Nations: Cool entrance with a big box of Booty O’s cereal on the entrance way. The box tips over and The New Day appear and make their way down to the ring. A lot of back and forth action with The League of Nations getting the upper hand for the win. After the match Shawn Michael’s. Cactus Jack, and Stone Cold Steve Austin all come down to the ring. The three icons from the past take turns hitting their finishers on all the members of The League of Nations. Xavier Woods makes his way into the ring and tries to get Stone Cold to dance. HBK and Cactus dance a little with The New Day. For a moment it looks like the Texas Rattlesnake is going to give in, but Austin ends up stunning Woods. Austin, Cactus, and Michael’s share a beer to end the segment.

No Holds Barred Street Fight: Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose: Very fast paced match. I wish the match was longer. The Lunatic Fringe and The Beast go back and forth taking equal punishment. A lot of kendo stick shots and Lesner takes Ambrose to Suplex City many time. There was a fan in the crowd that every time Lesner hit a suplex the fan would hold up a sign to go with the number of suplex’s. In the end Lesner gets the win after hitting an F5 on Ambrose onto a pile of chairs.

Triple Threat for the WWE Women’s Title: Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte: Hands down one of the best matches of the night. Snoop Dogg comes out and raps when Sasha Banks comes out. Great technical match and high spots. Worth watching over and over again. The ending came when Charlotte sends Becky into the ring post. She goes to powerbomb Sasha but Sasha counters and ends back up on her shoulders in an electric chair position. Becky takes them both down with a missile dropkick from the top. Becky with a close 2 count on Charlotte. Becky with the Dis-arm-Her on Charlotte for a big pop. Sasha breaks it and gets the Banks Statement on Becky.

Charlotte applies the Figure Four on Sasha and Becky goes to the floor. Sasha fights it and reveres the Figure Four. Charlotte bridges into the Figure Eight but Becky pulls Sasha from the floor and breaks the hold. Charlotte chops each opponent while all three are on their knee snow. Sasha and Becky unload and both hammer away on her. They end up getting to their feet and Charlotte spears Sasha. Becky takes Charlotte to the corner for thrusts. Becky takes Charlotte to the top but Charlotte fights her. Sasha comes over and pushes Becky to the mat. Sasha beats on Charlotte on the top. Becky kicks Sasha’s feet out and she’s hung upside down. Becky hits a big superplex on Charlotte. Sasha ends up hitting the Backstabber and Banks Statement on Becky again. Charlotte sends Sasha to the floor and fans boo. Charlotte applies the Figure Four and bridges it on Becky for the win.

The Hell in the Cell is lowered as we go into Hell in a Cell: Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker: Like expected this match was very physical. They battled back and forth inside the Hell in the Cell. Somehow Undertaker plows Shane through the cage as they battle back and forth. Shane lays Undertaker out on the announce table after hitting him in the head with a monitor. Shane climbs the cage and jumps off. Insane spot. Undertaker moves out of the way. They battle a little bit more getting back in the ring and then Undertaker hits a Tombstone pile driver for the win.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: Shaquille O’Neal, Baron Corbin, Mark Henry, Kane, Diamond Dallas Page, Jack Swagger, Tyler Breeze, Darren Young, Goldust, R-Truth, Heath Slater, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, Adam Rose, Tatanka, Fandango, Konnor, Viktor, Damien Sandow: The winner of the 3rd annual Battle Royal is NXT star Baron Corbin.

After the Battle Royal the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders come out and give a little performance and then the Rocks music hits. The Rock comes out to a huge pop and takes about ten minutes to get to the ring. He uses a flame thrower and sets some type of prop thing with his name on it on fire. The Rock finally gets to the ring and delivers a great promo bout tonight’s attendance record breaking all of the past records. The Wyatt’s music hits and they come down as the lights go down and fans all over the Stadium use lighters or their cell phones to light up the arena. Bray Wyatt and the Rock exchange banter. The Rock challenges one of the Wyatt’s to a fight. Eric Rowan Vs The Rock. The match last literally 6 seconds as Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Rowan. After the match the Wyatt’s surround the ring. John Cen’s music hits and he comes down for the save. The Rock and Cena clear the ring and then hug it out. They have come a long way, after facing each other in the past.

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: Roman Reigns vs. Triple H: The main Event for Mania starts out with a great entrance by Triple H. Triple H is accompanied by his wife Stephanie who is all dressed up looking the part. Reigns comes out and gets booed out of the building. Reigns is really not connecting with fans and its evident as he makes his way down to the ring. The two men fight for what seems like the longest match ever. The match is very physical and back and forth. The ending comes when Reigns charges but Triple H moves and Reigns takes Stephanie out with a spear. The fans go wild. Triple H grabs Reigns for a Pedigree and a close 2 count.

Stephanie goes to the floor. She looks hurt. Triple H and Reign trade shots now. Triple H with the jawbreaker. Reigns with a Superman punch. Reigns hypes himself up and goes for another spear but Triple H nails a running knee to the face. Triple H puts an arm over Reigns for a close 2 count. Triple H signals for Stephanie to hand him something. She gets the sledgehammer from under the ring and hands it to him. Triple H turns around to a Superman punch and another. Reigns runs the ropes, ducks a sledgehammer shot and nails a spear for the win.

Overall a solid and good historic show. I can’t wait for next year!

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