Wondering Who Negan Killed? Quite Possibly The Walking Dead’s Fan Base!


(PCM) About a week has passed since AMC aired Walking Dead’s season six season finale and a lot has gone down. Oh no, not on the show, but the interwebs have been absolutely on fire. People have been expressing their overall disappointment in the shows finale, especially the build-up to the episode’s final moment. Season six started out strong with intense episodes building up to what we expected would be a finale of epic proportion. It was the debut of the villainous Negan and the possible death of a major character that led fans to believe that this was going to be one of the best and most talked about finales in the history of the series. Instead, we got a 90- minute episode filled with a lot of talking, cat & mouse games, and a ridiculous amount of commercials. Oh, and people on horses that looked like they stumbled in from a completely different TV show!

Negan did make his debut and it was pretty epic, hell,  I will admit Jeffery Dean Morgan did look bad ass as one of the comic book’s deadliest bad guys.  In fact, he looks right at home in the shoes as the leader of The Saviors with his bestie a baseball bat wrapped in barbwire nicknamed Lucille.Fans of Negan will be pleased to know that earlier this week it was announced that a backstory for Negan will be released. It will be titled “Here’s Negan.” The 48- page story will be released monthly, four pages and images at a time. The story was penned by series creator Robert Kirkman and artist Charlie Adlard. Hopefully the story will keep fans satisfied and interested until the show returns this October. At least that would be the hope!  However, just who died at the hands of Negan and his trusty Lucille will still be on the minds of fans up until the premiere of the new season.

What we think angers fans so much is that for the past couple weeks leading up to the finale, cast members, including Andrew Lincoln have said on Talking Dead that the finale was one of the hardest scenes they ever had to shoot. We have seen the hell and gore our heroes have gone through over the run of this show, so to  hear the cast members say that the shoot was one of the hardest things they had to shoot made viewers believe that we truly in for a gut-wrenching episode. Then, what did we get? A freaking POV shot, never completing that horrific game of “Eenie Meenie Miney Mo” and allowing fans to embrace the tragic outcome and fate faced by one of our beloved characters. Did they think we couldn’t handle it? Walking Dead has given us plenty of tragedy in the past, so why shy away from it this time around?

This season has been one of the darkest in the show’s run. It was almost like they were asking for something bad to happen. It leads us to wonder if the show’s creators are afraid to give us that death, even though we know it’s coming. In the comic book Glenn is the one to meet his fate at the hands of Negan, having his skull bashed in by Lucille . But with the ending scene going to POV and then black, it leaves a lot to the imagination and makes us guess. When you have such a loyal fan base, such as the Walking Dead fans, the last thing you want to do is make them feel foolish or like they are wasting their time. We are hoping fans return to the series knowing there will be a great loss at the hands of Lucille, however there is only so much toying around that viewers will choose to handle and we certainly feel that Walking Dead will suffer a much harsher loss than simply a character death, as their fan base may be ready to bite the bullet as well!

Written by: Stephen Nepa and Kristyn Clarke

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