The Return Of Shane McMahon, As The Road To Wrestlemania Continues!


(PCM) I’ve criticized WWE before, and certainly had some choice things to say about the company in the past. However, as a fan of professional wrestling and the WWE I have earned that right.   But I have to admit WWE never fails to surprise, so I was thrilled as a longtime fan to see the return of Shane McMahon on Monday Night Raw.

The return happened during the opening segment of the show, as the CEO of the company, Vince McMahon, was out to reward someone with an award. In typical WWE fashion, this segment was built up that someone huge was getting the award. Instead of awarding the award to someone else in the company, Vince gave the award to another McMahon, his daughter Stephanie. The billion-dollar princess comes down to the ring gloating. It is clear as she gets in the ring that this is just another attempt to anger the audience. As Stephanie is about to go into a thank you speech, Shane McMahon’s music hit’s and he comes out dancing on to the stage. The crowd goes crazy for a long time. Haven’t heard a pop like that in a very long time.

In the ring and with microphone in hand Shane begins to go into an awesome promo with his dad, and sister. He talks openly to them, and says things that a lot of us fans would probably love to say to Vince’s face. Shane tells his dad that he wants control of Monday Night Raw the flagship television show that has made the WWE a household name. Vince agrees to allow Shane to run the show, but he has to do one thing. Of course, there is always a catch!

Vince tells Shane that he must defeat the dead man, the Undertaker in a match at Wrestlemania. And then also adds that the match will be a “Hell in a Cell” match. Should be a great match as the Undertaker is always great to see, and Shane gives it his all every time he goes out to the ring. Also added to the Wrestlemania card taking place April 3, 2016 is Roman Reign’s Vs HHH, for the World Championship, Brock Lesnar Vs Dean Ambrose in a street fight with more matches surely being announced in the coming weeks.

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