‘Game Of Thrones’ Road In Northern Ireland Is Painted By Mistake!


(PCM) Fans of the hit HBO series “Game Of Thrones” who often flock to areas in Northern Ireland where the series is filmed, were shocked when visiting one of the series most iconic locations and found that road crews had accidentally painted white lines down the middle of Kingsroad! Opps!

Dark Hedges is one of the tourists most eagerly anticipated sites, so you can only imagine their dismay to find the stark white lines painted down the middle of the gorgeous country road that provides the ethereal and otherworldly backdrop for Kingsroad, which serves as the central path through the mythical world of Westeros.

Government officials in Ireland claim that the road painting was definitely a mistake and promise that the paint will be cleared off the famous roadway later this week. It is a bit of a shame for tourists visiting the area, as their photographs of Kings Road now show the white lines, rather than just pavement, however it most likely would not have affected any filming for the series, as the creators use special effects to cover up the roads paved surface.

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