CM Punk’s UFC Debut Put On Hold Yet Again


(PCM) It was reported by various news outlets earlier this week that CM Punk will not be making his UFC debut anytime soon. This is due to the fact that Punk will be having back surgery. The UFC was hoping that Punk would be debuting at UFC 199 against Mickey Gail.

Gail, who demolished Mike Johnson at UFC Fight Night 82 in a first round submission, was personally picked by Dana White (UFC President) to be Punk’s first opponent in the Octagon. CM Punk was at the event were Gail won against Johnson. The two men shook hands and exchanged words in the Octagon, but that’s about the only action fans will get to see for the time being. Punk gave interviews and answered questions at the show, but did not mention anything about the back surgery. Then a few days later the news broke. CM Punk signed with UFC in November of 2014. Many people have questioned if he will ever be ready to fight. If there is anyone who can face criticism it is Punk. Fans of Punk and veteran fighters of the Octagon have been waiting for a fight for quite some time now.

CM Punk made a name for himself throughout the independent wrestling circuit. He made it to the big league when he signed with WWE in 2005. Punk had many memorable moments in WWE including the longest reigning WWE champion. His pipe bomb outburst during Monday Night Raw where he basically talked about all the internal and backstage things that were bothering him, will go down as one of the greatest promos ever in professional wrestling. Punk eventually walked away from the WWE in 2014. After listening to a podcast he did with his best friend Colt Cabana you can totally tell he was just tired of the WWE.

Only a short while after leaving WWE, Punk signed with UFC and has been training ever since. As a fan I’m still looking forward to his debut. But I don’t know how long I will have to wait to see his debut. And that’s always bad for business. From not only a fan standpoint but also his peers.

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