Sort Of A Home Alone Sequel! Macaulay Culkin Teams Up With Jack Dishel For A New Episode Of The Web Series :DRYVRS


(PCM) Definitely be sure to take a few moments to check out the debut episode of the web series :DRYVRS created by musician Jack Dishel where he teamed up with actor/musician Macaulay Culkin to revisit his character Kevin McCallister from “Home Alone”.  What we see is certainly a more grown-up and decidedly twisted version of what the adorable young Kevin has turned out to be! It’s finally the “Home Alone” sequel we’ve been waiting for!

Created by Jack Dishel, :DRYVRS takes an in-depth at the drivers of an Uber or Lyft-like car service in quite the hilarious way! In the debut episode, Kevin McCallister happens to be one of those drivers and he has his fair share of stories about what it was like growing up in a home where your family abandoned you and you are forced to fend off some ridiculous home invaders. McCallister tells Dishel “How about this: your whole family goes on vacation and they forget their eight-year-old f*cking son.” He adds “this happened to “the cutest f*cking eight year old in the universe … by far!”

The video is absolutely hilarious and a must see if any long time fans of the “Home Alone” film franchise!  Great job!

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