Why Arthur Chu Is Jeopardy’s Biggest Villian

Arthur-Chu(PCM) Playfully labeled the “mad genius” by fans of the long running TV game show Jeopardy, contestant Arthur Chu is riling up tempers with this game play antics.

Some of those antic including snatching up all of the Daily Double and wreaking havoc across the board. When he finds a Daily Double, Chu will only wager about $5.00 dollars in subjects he has no clue about. The reason this is genius is because when he gets a wrong answer, not only does he not lose significant money, but he leaves his competitors unable to double their score either. Chu has also been known to try to tie the game, a winning strategy he picked up from former champion Keith Williams.

While his strategy appears to be working for him, it does nothing to enhance viewership of the game show. In fact, many are finding it to be quite boring!

Chu reportedly read up on past ‘Jeopardy!’ contestants and searched through online strategies to prepare for his appearance on the show. Chu claims to have no regrets about his unconventional playing style and says “It’s been hilarious”.

Chime in: Is Chu a poor sport or a smart player?


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