The Future of Marvel’s Agents of Shield

(PCM) It has been almost three weeks now since the highly anticipated t.v series Agents of SHIELD launched on ABC. The show made history with its premiere episode, pulling in nearly 12 million viewers, which is a great news for ABC and fans of the Marvel franchise. Now time for the bad news…



Its well known that premieres and finales get a rating spike, mainly from random viewers, tuning in to satisfy their curiosity.Episode 2, titled “0-8-4” saw a 34% decrease in viewership. This was a bit more then expected after a record breaking premiere episode, and not exactly great news for fans of the show. Critics now speculate that a large percentage of viewers only watched the premiere out of curiosity and in hopes to see the Avengers assembling every week. Now knowing the premise of the show, and realizing Iron Man and Thor aren’t going to be in every episode, viewership may continue to decline. The big question is how detrimental will this be for the for the future of the series?

COLBIE SMULDERS, CLARK GREGGThere is no arguing such a large drop in viewers makes fans cautious and execs at ABC squirm, but lets take a minute to think about the numbers. Although a 34% drop is a damaging blow, consider the fact that 8 million people still tuned in for episode 2 (plenty of critically acclaimed shows never come close to these numbers!) This means there is still plenty of hope for the series.

What seems to be the biggest problem for the series is the ridiculously high expectations set by Marvel and the success of the Avengers. Fans of the series need to just sit back and let the show unfold. It has been made abundantly clear to Whedon and ABC we expect to see fan-favorite super heroes and plenty of cameos, but the show needs time to set it up. Seeing Samuel L. Jackson in episode 2, was fun and reassuring for everyone, and in comparison to episode one the story is more compelling. What will be really telling is how many viewers sit down and watch Agents of SHIELD at 8pm this  Tuesday on ABC. Leave a comment and let us know what you think about Marvel’s new show. Check out the trailer for episode 3 ” The Asset” below!

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