Bob Saget’s New Comedy Album “That’s What I’m Talkin’ About” Review!

Bob-Saget3(PCM) Six years after his HBO special “That Ain’t Right” Bob Saget returns, more vulgar and raunchier then ever, with his new comedy special “Thats What I’m Talkin’ About”. But is ridiculous toilet humor, constant references to Full House, and   silly stories of your celebrity friends the makings of a hilarious comedy album? Sadly the answer is no. No it doesn’t..

If your familiar with Saget’s “late-night” routine or have seen his previous special and your a fan, then your probably going to enjoy this album. He really embraces that filthy, perverted humor, and if you enjoy hearing jokes about male gentiles, then your in for a real treat. But for people that have only heard about Bob Saget, or new comers all together, I don’t think this will be pulling in many new fans.

Saget’s routine relies heavily on audience participation, a chance for comedians to showoff their improvisational skills, and can be very a humorous technique when well executed. Unfortunately that rarely happens during this drawn out performance. This is not to say that Bob doesn’t have his moments, but overall, his interactions with the audience feel preplanned, even forced at times and goes on for far to long. Just one example of this is in Track #3 “I’m Talkin’ to You Son”  which involves Saget trying to give some fatherly advice to a male member of the audience, but just becomes a tireless jumble of nonsense, including why you should never attach a sea urchin on the tip of your…you get the idea. Saget manages a clever moment here and there, bringing a joke full circle, but all the more proves that the interactions are rehearsed. The whole act is just seems to be filled with desperate attempts to stay relevant, telling stories about his filthy shenanigans with his famous friends, and the R-rated bloopers from Full House.

Over the past twenty years “Danny Tanner” has become household name, and Full house has managed to stay relevant and influential on a whole new generation of viewers. The show has enjoyed national syndication since 1991 and has only continued to grow, now airing in over 32 different countries. But it has become abundantly clear that Mr.Saget cannot give a performance without sullying the reputation of the beloved children’s show.

To make things worse, about halfway through the album Saget pulls out his  good ole’ guitar and starts performing vulgar sing alongs demanding more audience participation and constant references to the same members of the audience, talking senselessly in between. To the listener, we have no idea how these members are reacting.

To Big Bob’s credit, some of these jokes play out a little better when you can actually see the members of audience he’s insulting. And if your a fan of Bob Saget, and his “unique” style of humor, I would recommend watching the live performance. I am not saying you should watch the live performance, but its fair to say the material plays out better on screen, being able to see the individuals he spent SO much time interacting with. It doesn’t seem quite as senseless as it does on the album.

Bob Saget is also writing a book expected to come out early next year and is currently on tour. For tour dates and tickets click here. ”That’s What I’m Talkin’ About” will be released by New Wave Dynamics as an album, DVD and digital download, available on July 16,2013.

If your familiar with Bob Saget’s type of comedy and enjoy it, then I would encourage you to check this out. But for me at the end of the day, I found this album to be disappointing, familiar and redundant…to be fair I’m really not a fan of Bobs’ branded style of comedy.

I respect the fact that Mr.Bob Saget strives to continue his career as an entertainer. But I think most people will see this attempt disrespectful and not that entertaining.

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