Arrested Development’ Season 4: Still Feeling The Love

laughinggirlsRemember when Fox canceled the beloved TV show “Arrested Development?” Of course you do. The collective “COME ON!” from its cult following can even be heard seven years later. After years of speculation and rumors, the wait is finally over. A new season debuted on May 26 on Netflix. Pour a martini, break out your “never-nude” shorts, and settle in for a marathon of the hapless Bluth family.

Netflix Revives a Cult Classic

“Arrested Development” made its first impression on Fox in 2003. It had a three season run without solid ratings but still won an Emmy. In a recent interview with the New York Times, star Jason Bateman (Michael Bluth) expressed that quirky show never quite “fit” with the Fox brand, despite the passionate pockets of super fans. The show ended and then rumors started that the Bluths would reunite in a movie. Talk became a surprising reality when Netflix announced that they’d bring the show back for a 4th season. For loyal AD fans who don’t have cable or satellite, now is the time that a Netflix subscription would really pay off. Basic satellite costs about $30 per month, says, whereas a month of Netflix runs $7.99.

Gone, But Never Forgotten

“Arrested Development” jokes and pop culture references live on, especially online. Thanks to the clever prevalence of in-jokes, the show inspires an obsessed community of fans. For a real treat, the Los Angeles Times reports that Bluth Banana Stands have appeared in L.A. and New York. Stars like Bateman and SNL funnyman Will Arnett, who plays G.O.B., the delusional magician, also made surprise appearances. Fans who couldn’t make it to the stand have plenty of online fodder to stay occupied. The hilarious Bluth Company Tumblr page traces how the show’s crafty writers foreshadowed the best jokes of the show.

Season 4 Meeting Expectations

Hardcore fans can watch the entire Bluth gang back in action — drunken matriarch Lucille Bluth, brothers Buster, G.O.B. and Michael, sister Lindsay and her never-nude, possibly closeted husband Tobias, plus cousins George Michael and Maebe, who have aged from awkward teens into young adults. The best running gags, including Buster’s hilarious juice obsession, Tobias and Lindsay’s ongoing sham of a marriage, and G.O.B.’s stunning incompetence at doing, well, pretty much anything returns.

Could watching 15 new “Arrested Development” episodes get any more exciting? Make like Lucille and sauce things up a bit! Check out online drinking games and sip a drink every time you see a Bluth do the chicken dance or loopy secretary Kitty bare her surgery-enhanced chest. If juice is more your beverage of choice, print out NPR’s exhaustive guide and check off all the jokes you can. First one to find them all gets a free frozen banana!

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