Bryan Fenkart Talks Singing, Acting, and Growing Up

Bryan Fenkart is truly a talent to be reckoned with. With the release of his sophomore album Simple and Grey and his new role in the smash hit Broadway show Memphis, now showing in Washington D.C., the actor-singer is handling his busy schedule wonderfully, with a sense of optimism and passion for his career that many stars do not possess today. But this is more than a job to Fenkart, it’s always been his dream.

“I’ve always been a singer,” Fenkart said when asked about what drew him into the world of entertainment. “I went to school for acting too. I auditioned for a couple of things, at first nothing panned out.”

A specific story that came to mind was when he auditioned for the iconic role of Roger Davis in RENT. “I was really close to the role of Roger in RENT,” he explained when asked about other roles he auditioned for. “I went through the audition process, and it was so close. But then they [director and producers] changed the direction they wanted to go in. Even though I was a little bummed, I totally understand and respect their decision.”

Fenkart didn’t let that minor setback get him down or discourage him from pursuing his dream; he soon found success with Memphis. “But then I tried out for Memphis, and they called me back to be the understudy for the role in Memphis. Now I’m starring in that same role.”

He laughed then, adding, “It’s a dream come true type of gig.”

And it definitely is an ideal role for an actor; Having just gone from an understudy, Fenkart is close to having performed the part 200 times. And on top of his on stage success, Fenkart has released his second album Simple and Grey, a unique and intricate email that deals Fenkart’s personal experiences of growing and changing as an actor.

“As an actor you have a different mindset, analyzing things and understanding how people work, and that mindset makes you different and makes you stand out,” Fenkart said as he explained the experiences that aided in shaping the album. “It is hard sometimes being different and how you wish you could be like everyone else.”

Fenkart went on to explain the album is more “grown up” than his first, and is talking about more than just a romance gone awry. “A lot of songs just talk about a couple breaking up, or about broken hearts. I don’t really focus on that, it’s [my album is] focused more personal growth and less on relationships.”

Simple and Grey contains more than interesting and unique themes; the intricate and evocative lyrics allow for a listener to feel a personal connection with Fenkart.

Bryan Fenkart is an artist for the ages, already taking the stage and the musical world by storm through his hard work and perseverance. “I don’t expect my life to be easy,” he said, noting how he’d rather his goals be more difficult to attain and require more work. “Anything worth having doesn’t come easily.”

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